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5 Things: You Didn’t Know Alps Sold

2008 June 30

While we tout ourselves as a temperature control wholesale distributor, Alps sells many parts that aren’t really temperature controls. You may have noticed our recently added Fire and Security system catalogs. But, we also have many parts that you may need in addition to your controls systems, especially for installation. Some of these products have been in the catalog for a while, but we have a sneaking suspicion that you don’t realize you can buy these random parts right here. The easiest way to find out about new parts is to peruse the square boxes in the main section of our catalog. Some categories you may have missed before are: HVAC Installation, Fire Installation, Lighting Systems & Controls, Panel Devices, and Security Cameras. We frequently add new boxes full of products you may not realize we sell. A lot of you order parts from us by simply typing in the part numbers you know you need, or checking your frequent products section. Now that Alps has grown to sell over 200,000 parts, we want to make sure that you know about every new product type that we add. We also want to show you that you really can order an entire job from Alps, soup to nuts. So, the next time you need a drill bit or a label maker for your job, don’t forget… we sell that too!

  1. Drill bits
  2. Card access controls
  3. Security cameras
  4. Light dimming systems
  5. Wire Ties
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