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A breath of fresh air…

2008 June 24
by admin; 1,853 views

take a deep breath™Here at Alps we are always looking for ways to provide better support to our customers. Technology today allows us to communicate easily, quickly and more personally over the internet. Skype, a software program that allows users to make phone and video calls over the internet for free, is improving the way that we can do business with you. Skype works great for video conferencing, and for a fee you can call land and cell phones as well. We think that this application can be great for use in the field, and works especially well for contacting colleagues overseas. Also, many of our manufacturers and vendors use Skype and can directly communicate with you when you have a problem or a question. We encourage you to download Skype and add us to your contacts. Not only will it save you time and money, but it is easy and fun to use!

Below are two videos demonstrating the use of Skype from the customer to Alps, and Alps to the manufacturer. Check them out and comment below. Let us know if you’d like more information about “Skyping” with the Alps team!

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