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A new way to talk

2008 June 13
by admin; 4,978 views

“What exactly is a blog anyway?” Well, we weren’t too sure either. We do know that we want to learn a new way to talk to you, our “fan base.” So, we thought we’d try it out and learn with you as we go. Welcome to the all new “Alps Controls Blog.” Here at Alps we’ve been thinking about making a few changes to the way we do business. For the past several years, Alps Controls has been a leader in the wholesale building automation controls industry. We have built great relationships and partnerships with many of you, but we think it’s time to make our relationships with you even stronger. We want to make our company transparent and show you just how Alps works. Our business model, our staff, and even our offices will be open for display and discussion. We want to share with you some pearls of wisdom we’ve picked up along the way, and gain some from you as well. We want you to have unlimited access and to let us know what we’re doing right… and what we’re doing wrong. In other words, we want buying from the Alps e-catalog to be an informative, easy, and even entertaining experience. A different approach to buying control products. And if it’s not, let us know!

alps controls logoWe value your opinions, ideas, and concerns and invite you to comment on our new site (you don’t have to leave your name), send us an email, or call us up and tell us how you feel. Some may think that a “blog” isn’t a tool commonly used in the HVAC industry, and you’d be right. But, we are going to try and change the way we communicate, so that you can too. If you have an idea for a new blog post, comment below. Maybe together we can figure out exactly what this is and how to do it. Thank you for being such loyal customers and we look forward to hearing your responses.

Dave Meyers
President, Alps Controls

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  1. David Peters permalink
    June 13, 2008

    How do you envision this blog being different or better than forums?

    • admin permalink*
      June 13, 2008

      Hi David, we view the forums as a sort of primitive blog. We want the forums to continue to be a place where customers can come and post a topic or problem that they would like other customers’ opinions about. In the case of a forum, we act as more of a moderator to others who would like to start a “thread” or conversation about a specific problem or question they may have. Up to this point we have been starting the topics because no one else has done so, but we eventually hoped that customers could post their own topics and questions there. Now, you can absolutely ask those questions here as well, and the need for a forum may go away. But, we want the blog to also be a place where we can tell you stories, explain things, and give you useful information straight from Alps, where we are the writers, and you are the commenters. In the next week we will be posting new material here that may make this easier to understand. Thanks for your comment and I hope this clears that up!

  2. David Meyers permalink*
    June 15, 2008

    I am checking to see I’d I can post a comment from my iPhone.

  3. Tim Dixon permalink
    June 18, 2008

    I have to hand it Meyer’s and the entire Alps team, they continue to try new and intuitive ways to connect with their customers, and that connection is what sets them apart from any other building controls distributor…period. They actually look for ways to open up their Kimono and let us all in, versus hiding behind those silly firewalls as nearly every web reseller does. Malls, videos, streaming video communication (skype), employee pictures (humorous ones), and now a blog. Who says we can’t enjoy the ride, even if it is only building controls. Keep the fresh approach coming. Signed, one happy supplier.

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