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“…The Sunshine of my Life…”

2008 September 9

Daylight Harvesting and the Future

daylight harvestingA new movement in technology has been sweeping the automated building landscape. You may have heard about daylight harvesting in the past, but recently the unique technology has become a legitimate and useful solution to energy savings and even visual acuity. According to Turnkey Lighting Control, a leader in the field, Heschong Mahone Studies have concluded that the use of daylight harvesting skylights in schools improved students math and reading scores by upwards of 20%. When combined with building controls and other automated functions, daylight harvesting can be seamlessly integrated into the entire digital package. This, according to Dave Wilson of Lighting Control & Design, is the reason that daylight harvesting was able to move into the mainstream. Wilson was recently interviewed by Ken Sinclair of You can find their discussion – “Reaping the Harvest” – here. For more information on exactly how daylight harvesting works and it’s applications, check out Turnkey Lighting Control’s web demo (requires Flash) and statistics.

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