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Buying Green at Alps Controls

2009 February 26
by admin; 1,859 views

Did you know that by purchasing from Alps Controls you offset or reduce your carbon footprint?

Because Alps’ business processes are Internet-based, our customers are able to place their orders online instead of via fax or snail-mail. No paper is necessary to place an order on either the purchasing or the fulfillment side. We also use the internet to pay the majority of our vendors electronically eliminating paper checks. And any paper checks that we receive as payments from our customers are scanned and submitted electronically to our bank as our method of deposit, once again cutting down on the paper trail. If any of our customers would like to process their payments to us electronically and reduce their check usage and postage cost we’ll be happy to facilitate the process. Other carbon footprint reductions that result through our business processes include:

  1. Since we don't stock products, there is no warehouse to heat, cool or light.
  2. Our manufacturers ship directly to you rather than to us to re-ship from a warehouse.
  3. And last, our offices are partially lighted with five skylights while occupancy and light level sensors turn off the lights when rooms are empty.

If you are interested in finding ways to further reduce your business's carbon footprint just Google "Green Business Practices." We did and Google came up with 32,000,000 results to pick from!

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