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Vaisala Knowledge Newsletters

2009 June 4
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One of our favorite manufacturers- Vaisala- has begun a new educational and informative newsletter and webinar series. ALPS has been a distributor of Vaisala for over ten years, but if you are not familiar, Vaisala is a manufacture of weather stations and weather monitoring devices, CO2 sensors, humidity sensors, wind-speed sensors and hand-held test instruments. They follow our lean business model and have a reputation for delivering consistent quality products. They have done this by focusing on eliminating waste and process variations on their factory floor. As a result, the quality of every product they make is the same as the last, making for fewer defects and returns. 

After checking out their website and reading the "knowledgeable newsletters," we were hooked and subscribed! We think that the message they convey and education tools they offer are excellent. Poke around and learn who they are, and you will quickly see how they are able to consistently build quality products. Also, if you have new employees who may need a crash corse on explaining humidity and CO2, this is a fantastic place to start. Another important note is that this technology is changing, so even if you have been around the block a few times, you may want a refresher.

Check out the Vaisala Newsletter here.

P.S. The "History of Vaisala" book really impressed us!

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