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Alps Control Freak: news bits from around the web, 9.28.09

2009 September 28

it's okay to be a control freakFigured we'd kick off the week today with a look at a handful of news items that crossed my RSS reader late last week and this morning. Got an interesting piece of news, new technologies or gadgets you've come across? Or do you simply really, REALLY love building controls and you're anxious to share? Send me an email with news and ideas, or feel free to leave your comments below.

Here's today's Control Freak news:

According to data from the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration, the National Lighting Bureau estimates that only 17% of U.S. buildings built before 1980 have upgraded their lighting systems to more efficient technologies. That leaves a little over two million to go. (via

Hey, remember how Alps Controls products can help your building projects meet the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009? Well, now the U.S. Small Business Administration is offering a new – and free – online training program designed to help businesses "understand and engage in the government's contracting process." Find out more about Recovery Act Opportunities: How to Win Federal Contracts here (via The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS)

WPL Publishing is hosting a 90-minute webinar in October to help construction professionals gain a better understanding of green building construction and how to write contracts with LEED certification in mind.

And this one from the "so cool everyone should try it" category, WidgetNinja built his own fan controller – with custom fan speed detector! – to protect and cool off his home theater equipment when it's heating up from excessive use. I get the same results when my DVD player simply shuts down and dies upon detection of an awful Adam Sandler movie, but that's an admittedly more low-tech solution. (via Make: Online)

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