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Can lighting controls REALLY save you money? Watt Stopper has your answer.

2009 September 29
by admin; 2,620 views

watt stopper WN-100-120Now I know that I’m The New Guy around here, and as such I’ve still got a lot to learn about building controls and what kind of value and advantages they can bring to engineers, designers and other like-minded customers of our website

But it seems obvious even to me that outfitting a building with occupancy sensors and other kinds of lighting controls would ultimately have the effect of cutting down on energy usage. A sensor determines that no one is inside a given room and then shuts off the lights; the lights getting shut off saves money – it’s a no-brainer, right? It’s the same kind of lesson that we all had drummed into our heads as kids by parents who would seek any means necessary – and however futile – to get us to turn off the darn lights when we left a room.

But still, when one is considering a large-scale building construction or utilities retrofit, it’s important to be sure. So Watt Stopper – the California-based manufacturer of lighting controls for more energy-efficient homes and businesses – has created an online Lighting Energy Calculator to help determine what kind of an impact that lighting controls could make on your bottom line. This comprehensive and user-friendly online tool can create both Quick Assessments and Full Lighting Assessments, the latter of which provides “complete documentation that includes anticipated savings using lighting controls and updated lighting, anticipated energy usage and ROI for an entire building.” Additionally, the reports generated through the online calculator can be easily printed, emailed, personalized for use in proposals, or stored for future use.

You’d be, no doubt, unsurprised to learn that Alps Controls features Watt Stopper products on our website; you can find them by clicking the “Manufacturers” tab at the top of our homepage. But even if we didn’t, I think that their new online energy calculator displays a terrific understanding of their customers’ needs – and a quick, simple and free way to transform those needs into the action of stopping energy waste.


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