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Alps Control Freak: news bits from around the web, 10.16.09

2009 October 16

control freaks of the world, uniteLet’s hurdle downhill toward the weekend today as we breeze through my RSS reader and check out some news items from across the Wild Wonderful Web. Got an interesting piece of news, new technologies or gadgets you’ve come across? Or do you simply really, REALLY love building controls and you’re anxious to share? Send me an email with news and ideas, or feel free to leave your comments below.

Here’s today’s Control Freak news:

The University of Louisville has plans to save about $2.3 million annually by implementing a massive facility improvements project including HVAC system upgrades, building automation and lighting control retrofits, and even water conservation strategies. Siemens will be tackling the year-long, $21.7 million project. (via

It’s obvious that energy efficiency saves money on energy bills down the line, right? But what you might not know is that your local utility company could be offering first-cost financial incentives for owners and design teams involved in new construction of green buildings. (via

When you think of how to control a building’s energy usage, your first consideration is probably not “how cold do my cans of soda pop need to be?” Still, if a building has a large quantity of beverage vending machines and it was possible to reduce their energy usage – say, via a plug load controller of some type – then you might find yourself on the positive side of ASHRAE’s new standards for uniform testing of refrigerated vending machines to determine energy consumption. Maybe not top-of-mind today, but such things will be easy to control soon enough.

And this pair of items from the always-intriguing Make: Online may be only minor controls projects, but they’re also both majorly cool:

Full disclosure: I really just posted that last item so that I could include the highly-detailed stick figure drawing that accompanies the story. What can I say? I enjoy the simple things in life.

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