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Ruskin creates new Energy Star partnership.

2009 October 8
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It's getting so that you can barely open up a news page online (note: I didn't write "open up a newspaper", and you can take that updated phrase as a positive or negative) anymore without frequent notices of the phrase "Energy Star". The goal of this joint program – begun in 1992 – of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy is essentially to help save money and protect the environment through the creation of energy-efficient products and practices.

Energy Star is everywhere. Manufacturing plants can be rated as Energy Star-efficient; individual products or stores can earn the label as well. And beleaguered U.S. taxpayers can find themselves some relief through tax rebates when they purchase new Energy Star-labeled appliances and use them to replace their older, clunkier, energy-unfriendly models.

Ruskin dampers So it's always good news here around Alps Controls when we learn that one of our valued manufacturers has formed a new partnership with Energy Star. Ruskin Air & Sound Control manufacturers dampers, ventilators and other products for the HVAC market. In its new Energy Star partnership, the company will measure and track the energy performance of its facilities, and develop and implement a plan consistent with the Energy Star energy-management guidelines to achieve energy savings, and help spread the word about the importance of energy efficiency to its staff and community.

To Ruskin: nicely done. To our customers: buy Energy Star products and help protect the environment!

(via SNIPS Magazine)

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