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Alps Control Freak: news bits from around the web, 11.13.09

2009 November 13

Here it is November already and as we race willy-nilly into the 2009 holiday season, you’re probably imagining yourself doing some shopping, decorating your porch with 10 strings of half-burned-out lights, and – naturally – catching up on all of the most compelling bits of controls news from across the interwebs.

Here’s today’s Control Freak news:

According to a recent study, construction of green buildings across this great land of ours currently supports more than 2 million American jobs – with great controls come great responsibilityand that number is expected to swell to nearly 8 million over the next four years. (so start buying your energy-saving controls products now before there’s a long waiting line! – ed.) ( via facilitiesnet)

Tired of thumbing through hundreds of directory pages to keep up to date on HVAC information? Well, get your mousing hand ready because ASHRAE has put the newest edition of their handbook online. Now you’ll be able to navigate, read, search and link through the industry’s most comprehensive resource for HVAC&R technology, and the online version is even cheaper than its old-school, tree-murdering older cousin. (via

A temperature-regulating coffee mug? Yes, please.

As it turns out, all of them CAN just get along: last month, the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), along with more than a dozen manufacturers and seven energy conservation groups announced an agreement that calls for regional, climate-based HVAC-product efficiency standards and more-stringent building code provisions for new construction. (via

Are you a truly outstanding air conditioning contractor? Well of course you are – you just need everyone else on the planet to realize it. Then why not nominate yourself for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America “Contractors of the Year” award? Exceeded national standards! Offer breakthrough performance and high-quality results! Crush your competition! (via @acca_kevin on twitter)

  • Got an interesting piece of news, new technologies or gadgets you’ve come across? Or do you simply really, REALLY love HVAC and building controls and you’re anxious to share? Send me an email with news and ideas, or feel free to leave your comments below.
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  1. Juan Valdez permalink
    November 17, 2009

    Hot coffee! Get the boss one of these temperature-regulating coffee mugs. There is a chance, small, but still a chance it will change the degrees of separation you currently have with him.

    • admin permalink*
      November 17, 2009

      Now now, Mr. Valdez: I’m sure that drinkers of your fine Colombian coffee indulge themselves quickly enough so as to render a temperature-regulating mug rather superfluous.

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