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Come for the HVAC and building controls products, stay for the delicious CCTV security equipment from Pegasus Products.

2009 November 11
by admin; 5,672 views

Here’s a warning: gratuitous e-commerce product-plugging is just ahead in this post.

alps controls is watching youSecurity equipment is, perhaps, not a high-priority item on the shopping list for most building controls contractors. Our e-catalog site sells primarily HVAC and building controls products: you know, sensors and valves and actuators and all of those clever gadgets that allow building contractors to automate their HVAC systems and their lighting controls to create smart buildings.

But here’s the thing: many of those buildings end up needing security camera equipment of one kind or another, and it seems to me that it’s just as simple to buy all of the cameras and DVRs and monitors and mounting accessories and all of those security high-tech gizmos at the same time. It’s all about the power and efficiency of your online purchasing process – which means that having quick and easy access to the security products from one source is every bit as important as your purchase of the controls materials that brought you to our site in the first place.

That forms the basis of my ham-handed segue into telling you that Alps Controls sells the entire line of Pegasus CCTV Products – a leading manufacturer of security equipment at extremely competitive prices.

Here are Five Things that you should consider about buying Pegasus CCTV security equipment from Alps Controls:

  1. Pegasus is an efficient, lean-and-mean company. That means that they make and sell durable, high-quality security equipment at unexpectedly great prices.
  2. You can get up and running seriously fast with all-in-one Value Kits from Pegasus. They include a DVR, multiple cameras, power supplies, mounting brackets, monitor, cable and surge protector starting at around $1000 (list).
  3. Want to record 30 days’ worth of video surveillance from 16 camera angles onto one DVR? They’ve got products that can totally do that.
  4. Their systems are simple to set up and as easy to use as your DVD player at home.
  5. If you’re already wiring your building for HVAC and other building automation controls, you’re just a few steps away from also wiring up security equipment.

If security is a consideration for your building – in other words, if it’s a store or a school or an office or a hospital or a restaurant or pretty much anything these days – you can confidently purchase Pegasus Products security equipment from Alps Controls by finding them on our website, dropping them into your cart, creating a single purchase order along with all of the other products you need, and being quickly on your way again.

And you don’t even need to go searching for them on our website because I’ve thoughtfully provided you with a direct link to Pegasus CCTV Products right here.

As an added bonus, here’s Rich Morgan, General Manager at Pegasus Products, to introduce us to his terrific product line:

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