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Learn more about your favorite folks at Alps Controls with our new series “5:00 pm. 5 Questions”.

2010 February 16

At our e-catalog site we’ve got a page called Talking Heads where you can watch videos about our company, our HVAC and building controls manufacturer partners, our website capabilities, and a whole lot more.

And yes, you should think of it as an added bonus that the Talking Heads page often features our own Alps Controls employees, doing our best to provide you with insight into our work, our business, our outlook and the industry we share. Plus, you get to take a look at the very same people that maybe you only usually get to talk to on the phone.

We’ve begun a regular series called 5:00 pm. 5 Questions in which – just in case its title didn’t pretty much tell you everything you needed to know – I pose a near half-dozen softball queries to someone right at the end of the day when they’d really rather be on the way home. It’s my hope that their answers will delight, inform, amaze and bewilder you, if only for a few precious minutes.

Find out who would come out on top of a classic sci-fi deathmatch in this 5PM5Qs with our Webmaster/DBA Chuck Benscoter:

And here you can learn what might be for dinner tonight when 5PM5Qs sits down with Sales Representative extraordinaire Wendy Siefert:

Got a question or comment for Chuck and Wendy? Want to suggest someone for 5PM5Qs? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll make it happen.

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