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Lighting Controls: Introducing the 40% Solution

2010 September 23

If you’re a building automation specialist and you use HVAC control products to reduce energy use in your building projects, you seriously need to watch this video.

Because you’re probably only doing half the job that you could be doing.

According to our consultant Carl Keller, a controls contractor with decades of hands-on industry experience, most building automation specialists are neglecting a good 40% of a building’s energy use when it comes to control products, because they refuse to enhance and integrate their building’s lighting controls.

Are you putting in occupancy sensors and automatic light switches? That’s great, but you’re only saving pennies instead of thousands. Take a few minutes and see what Carl has to say about that:

With some new technologies and a small learning curve, traditional control contractors can integrate lighting controls into an overall energy-busting strategy for their buildings. Stay tuned to as we delve more deeply into specific lighting control technologies that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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