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From Functional Devices, a relay so smart it has its own web page.

2011 August 3
functional devices ribtw2401b-et

The RIBTW2401B-ET Ethernet Relay from Functional Devices

If you’ve been thinking to yourself that your traditional relay-controllers tend to just sit there, turning on and off in that old, boring, traditional way, we’d like to offer you a terrific, smart relay from Functional Devices that should make you smile.

What makes it so cool? The RIBTW2401B-ET has its own web page. By that, we mean that it’s a self-contained, ethernet network dual I/O controller that can be set up and turned on and off via any web browser on your smart phone, building network, iPad, laptop – whatever.

This wonderful little doodad can be used to control fans, motors, lighting, pumps and:

  • Is UL Listed
  • Features one discrete 20 amp output + override
  • And one digital input (status)
  • Serves its own webpage for setup and control
  • Is static IP addressable
  • Has a unique MAC address built in
  • Is made right here in the USA.

You’re hungry to learn more, right? How about you:

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  1. December 14, 2017

    What an awesome RIB! An internet standard open protocol based device. Just think if it used POE. Lot less installation costs. And it can be remotely controlled from across the world!

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