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Here are five spectacularly great reasons for you to buy all of your wire from

2013 January 14

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a word to you today, just one word:


See, we know that wire is important to the everyday operation of gettingwire and cable from connectair on your building control projects done – but the way that you’re currently purchasing wire for these jobs is, most likely, inefficient and costly.

As always, we’d like to help you with that. So allow us to spend a few minutes acquainting you with these Five Spectacularly Great Reasons to Buy All of Your Wire from

  1. The glorious convenience of one-stop shopping.
    You’re already coming to for so many parts that you need for your projects, but did you know that you could add wire to your shopping cart as well? In fact, you can find hundreds of wire and cable variations on our site, filter them by gauge, conductor, shielding and rating, and choose specific packaging options: reels, in boxes, or reels-in-boxes.
  2. Consistent, reliable pricing.
    This one is a pretty big deal. Pricing on wire and cables is subject to wild fluctuations because copper – wire and cable’s primary component – is a worldwide commodity item.So when most wire distributors quote you a price, you’re never really sure if they’re treating you fairly. Today they might cut you a deal because copper prices are low and they want to win your business; tomorrow they could gouge you on price because the market’s more volatile.

    So what do you do? You end up spending way too much time and effort chasing the best prices on wire, but you can never truly be sure if you’re getting the best price.

    We do it differently. Our wire manufacturer ConnectAir International works with us to keep prices consistent and reliable over time, despite fluctuations in market prices. Because ConnectAir buys in bulk, they’re able to keep their prices steadier than just about any other cable supplier in the industry.

  3. ConnectAir has specifically designed cables for the controls industry.
    In fact, very few other companies even stock cables and wire designed for your controllers. ConnectAir is the source of cables expressly made for systems by:

    • Alerton
    • BACnet
    • Johnson Controls
    • LonWorks
    • Siemens
    • Trane

    So that means you can easily find a dependable cable solution for your system on our site – and feel confident that it’s the right one.

  4. We save you money on shipping, too.
    We save you time and money on your shipping because ConnectAir sends it directly to you, not to a distributor’s warehouse where it has to be rerouted and shipped again. And even better: ConnectAir has multiple shipping locations (in Anaheim, CA; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and Tracy, CA), so they can deliver your wire and cable order anywhere in the United States within three days – and they’ll ship it ground freight for free on orders over $1150!
  5. We know control contractors and we know how to solve your problems.
    Our many years of experience in the HVAC contractor world mean that we’re right there on the spot with you if you need advice and support (which you can find on right here!), and we work closely with ConnectAir to ensure that you can get everything you need. ConnectAir also offers customer-specific labeling options and colors through our site, and doesn’t require minimum orders.

Thanks for reading.

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