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UPDATED 9.6.22: Upcoming price increases from our manufacturers.

2019 June 26
by admin; 5,505 views

Sad, but true: sometimes our manufacturers increase their prices. We don’t like it any more than you do, but it’s a simple truth of our industry that prices can, over time, change.

So why is there a picture of a puppy over there on the left? Well, we thought it would make you feel better about the news. Did it work? It’s a cute puppy, right? Everyone likes cute puppies.

But here’s how you can turn this frown upside down: when you know when a price increase is coming, you can buy now from these suppliers and save money before the change.*

Anyway, here’s a current list of upcoming price increases from our manufacturers. We’ll update this list over time, so check back periodically to see what’s new and what’s coming up.




Thanks for reading.

* Pricing policies among manufacturers may vary. Orders placed too close to an increase deadline may not be honored at the pre-change price. Please contact our customer service team for specific bid- and project-related pricing questions.


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