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After 24 years, Pat Goettel says good-bye, and we all cry.

2019 July 18
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Here’s what you need to understand right off the top: before Patricia Goettel came to work at, we only had a small handful of employees. We didn’t have departments for sales, marketing, or even software development.

In 1995, Pat joined alpscontrols. And then became the person who would set the standard for our world-class customer service.

Now, 24 years later, we pride ourselves on that service — and we know, right now on the eve of Pat’s retirement at the end of July 2019, that she’s the one who guided and shaped it into reality. alpscontrols President Dave Meyers says,

Pat was here from virtually the beginning, and she set the tone for what good customer service looked like. She demanded that we get back to customers quickly, that we answer the phones promptly and professionally. She took that role and helped develop all of the support processes that we use today.

Back then, was small. Really small. Like “three people huddled into a tiny room” small. We started out not so much of a stand-alone company, as much as a procurement resource for control contractors to pool together and get better pricing. Pat and the rest of our small team would take orders via phone or fax — logging them onto Excel spreadsheets and calling them into the small number of suppliers that we had.

Taking orders over phone and hand-typing them into Excel. Yep, that was 1995, all right.

In the ensuing years, Pat, through the many customer service employees that she has trained, has been instrumental in guiding us toward our current business model: efficient ordering; friendly, smart, and responsive product support; and paying attention to customers like a mother watches over her family.

Because that’s how many of us think of Pat: she’s our company mom. She cares deeply for our customers and vendors. She nurtures every transaction until she’s certain it’s right, and complete, and beneficial to everyone. And she remembers — with no exaggeration — a staggering, comprehensive history of alpscontrols, our customers, our transactions, and our legacy. Customer Service Supervisor Ernie Larson joined Pat’s team about 11 years ago, and he deeply admires what she has achieved, saying:

The customers love her because she knows them all personally, with intimate knowledge of their lives and their business. Pat reaches them on a personal level, and it’s the same with our suppliers. They know she gets things done, and her knowledge of the website is ridiculous!

The ending of Pat’s tenure at also comes with another, unexpected, milestone: she’s the first member of our staff to retire, so in addition to feeling her loss on a personal basis, we also have no clue what it’s like to move forward without someone who is so important to us. It’s extraordinarily difficult to imagine alpscontrols without Pat. August 1st will come without her sitting — at the insanely early, way-before-office-hours that were her tradition — at her corner desk in our support area. That desk area is like the beating heart of our company, a bullpen where people gather and thousands of spontaneous discussions have been launched: of products, POs, manufacturers, shipping, deadlines, and so much more. Her desk is where we’ve shared everything from news and surprises to laughter and donuts. Her desk will be empty and we will feel the vacuum of her absence with the memories of so many business and personal moments we have shared with Pat. Jim Kalafatis, who has worked closely with Pat for 21 years, knows he will acutely feel it when she’s gone:

I’ll miss her. She is strong-willed and extremely determined, and I’ve always admired her personal dedication to our customers and vendors as people and friends first. I’ve seen Pat go to bat for them time and time again, and she always defends their needs over everything else. It’s something I’ve learned from her, something I know many of us at alpscontrols will take with us after Pat leaves for retirement.

Personal dedication. Getting things done. Sky-high standards of service and professionalism. A warm and supportive nature to everyone our business touches. These are the things we’ll keep with us when Pat Goettel says good-bye to alpscontrols.

And as she goes, we’ll send our love, our gratitude, respect, and more than a few tears along with her.

For more memories of Pat’s long dedication to service at alpscontrols, take a look at this video:

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  1. Jim Barszczak Control Service Co permalink
    July 22, 2019

    Congradulations Pat,
    So Happy for you, hope life keeps providing love, health and Prosperity for you, you deserve it Girl! Enjoy Be Happy!!!!

  2. Wesley Philp permalink
    July 23, 2019

    Good luck i miss my early to work partner. No one gets to work here at 5am with me. Enjoy your well deserved time off 🙂

  3. July 23, 2019

    Pat good luck on your retirement. Enjoy!!
    you will be missed. Thanks for your many years of help.

  4. Edward G Morris permalink
    July 23, 2019

    Oh Pat, we will all miss you !!

  5. Richard Massa permalink
    July 23, 2019


    It has been a pleasure working with you as you were always the one I knew we could count on at Alps. I believe you were a big part of the success that Alps enjoys today.

    The best of luck in your next adventure.

    Richard Massa, QCS

  6. Keith McCaffrey permalink
    July 24, 2019

    Well said Dave! We will certainly miss Pat and the way she always got things done. I always enjoyed my conversations with Pat, whether it was business related, or just catching up on family matters. Good luck Pat in whatever life brings you in this next chapter!

  7. July 24, 2019


    Best wishes to a Happy and Healthy Retirement, Have Fun and Relax!. Enjoy!!

  8. Allen Bonebrake permalink
    July 24, 2019

    Pat thank you for all you have done I testify to your professional kindness.
    You are always the first to help in a difficult situation.
    I will remember you as fun and happy to work with.
    Enjoy your retirement.

    thank you Pat

    Allen Bonebrake
    Carrier controls

  9. Dick Herring permalink
    July 24, 2019

    Thanks Pat, for pulling my head out of my ass several times when I need to return things that I couldn’t use or mis-ordered, I hope you enjoy your retirement. Unlike me, I am about to become 75 next month and still enjoying the business.

  10. Co Ta ( United Cooling And Heating Ltd ) permalink
    July 30, 2019

    Thank Pat for your support and have a nice retirement !

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