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Get 10% off selected differential pressure products from Setra Systems!

2019 August 6
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Known for their quality and reliability, differential pressure transmitters from Setra Systems are designed with premium capacitive sensing technology and capable of measuring both liquid and gasses.

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MRG Multi-Range General Pressure Transducer

Combines the flexibility of a multi-range with the performance of a single range transducer.

With 8 selectable ranges and 3 selectable outputs, easily adjustable on the job with a flip of a switch or jumper.

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MR1 and MR2 Multi-Range General Purpose and Critical Pressure Transducers

The MR1 and the MR2 from Setra Systems are ideal solutions for any general or critical HVAC applications, offering total flexibility to make changes on the job site.

8 field-selectable ranges, boxed in an IP67/NEMA 4-rated housing, and sealed with a gasket to make them wash-down capable for difficult applications.

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2651 Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer

A low differential pressure transducer that uses a dead-ended capacitive sensing element that requires minimal amplification, and delivers excellent accuracy and longterm stability.

A cost-effective solution that offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio and meets the requirements in all typical HVAC applications.

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