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To help slow down the spread of coronavirus, will be working remotely as of Friday 3.13.20.

2020 March 12
by admin; 2,040 views

For you, it’s business as usual; you probably won’t even know that we’re working from home!

We don’t have to tell you that there’s a ton of news out there about the spread of the coronavirus, most of it ranging from the casual to the hysterical. It’s hard to weed through all the facts, charts, experts and sooth-sayers to figure out the best course of action in these — to say the least — turbulent times.

But we decided that there was something we could do. By working remotely from home and increasing social distancing for our employees (and the customers and suppliers with whom we come into contact), we can proactively help flatten the curve of new coronavirus cases, and hopefully alleviate the pressure to come on our healthcare system.


The terrific thing about being a high-tech, live-on-the-innovative-edge kind of company like we are, though, is that pretty much all of us are able to work from home with virtually no interruption in how we take your orders and keep your projects moving forward! We’re committed to carrying on business as usual-as-possible, so we want you to understand that:

  • never, ever, ever closes. You can login like normal, order your parts, make your lists, get your job done.
  • Our customer service team is standing by and ready to help you just like always. You can:
    • email them at
    • call them at 412.464.1730
    • reach them via instant messaging from that gorgeous orange circle in the bottom right corner of our site
    • find their direct email addresses or Skype links at our Contact Us page here

We can totally do this. It might be a little bumpy at first — we have to forward calls, shuffle some technology around, that kind of thing — but really, you should notice very little difference. We’re proud to be your favorite online marketplace for all of your HVAC and building automation parts, and our unique business model provides us with the means to serve you no matter where we are.

We hope that you, your companies, your friends and families are all safe and healthy. Hopefully by taking even small measures like working from home, we can make a positive difference in this crisis — and that everyone who is able, will do their part as well.

Please: contact us if you have any questions. Just don’t judge us if we video-chat with you while we’re still in our bathrobe.

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