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Zonex Systems – simple and inexpensive plug-and-play valve control solutions

2020 November 19

We recently added a new supplier to our catalog that I think can add an advantage to many of our customers. It is a simple valve control system for jobs that don’t require a comprehensive and expensive all-inclusive control package. Our new supplier is Zonex Systems, and they provide a simple “plug-and-play” control system to control a rooftop unit and its VAV boxes or zone dampers. The installation is easy and the product is inexpensive.

I see this product fitting two different markets:

  • This can be used by sophisticated control contractors that only have one expensive solution. If you’re a dealer for one of the name brand comprehensive controller manufacturers, but you’re finding that you aren’t competitive using your name brand product, this solution could make you very competitive.
  • Or, if you’re a smaller contractor that needs a simple valve control solution, I believe this product can fit the bill.

David Meyers, President

Either way, you may find other markets that could open up to you with this product. I used to own a large control contracting business, and felt that I always needed to install my name brand product – but either I couldn’t get competitive, or I felt that I was over-engineering the need, and installing a system that did not require the complexity that we always thought we needed to provide.

Zonex Systems products are not meant to control everything on a campus, or data center, or any large facility. They’re designed to control the airflow side of the AHU and the VAV or zone dampers. Zonex Systems can provide more than that, but I don’t want you to think that is meant to replace your existing name brand product, but rather just supplement your current offering.

Please take a look at the video below. It is just 9 minutes long and tells you everything you need to know about this simple, inexpensive system that just might help you win more work.

Find Zonex Systems building control solutions at right here.

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