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For safe, clean air in your buildings, we’re making it possible for you to verify ionization with no risk.

2021 July 22

In our online marketplace, we offer a complement of products to help keep buildings clean and safe for occupancy.  These are found in our Healthy Building Technologies category of products.  

Bi-Polar Ionization is one of those technologies.  Well-designed ionization products are safe, effective, and well-tested and proven based on third-party laboratory analysis.

Eagle X Pro D6C-M

Our in-duct Eagle X Pro ionization products are the best-of-class with much higher ion capacity and virtually no ozone creation as certified by UL 2998. Ion output is critical to effectively treating the breathable air in a space.

Now we’re making it possible to improve your sales efforts and results by measuring the ions in your project before and after installation.

To assist in assuring you or your customers that these products work as promised, we are offering a risk-free trial of a state-of-the art handheld meter to measure the performance of the Eagle X Pro ionizers in your first project. 

AlphaLab Inc. AIC2

The AlphaLab Inc. AIC2 is considered the best meter on the market and will help you to increase sales  to your customers by demonstrating the impact on ion count in the spaces you are treating with Eagle X Pro.

Here’s how the offer works:

  1. When you place your first order for Eagle X Pro ionization technology, add an AlphaLab Inc. AIC2 and HC-AIC2 carrying case to your order. Total cost: $1,050.
  2. Use the AIC2 to verify the operation of the units and take “before” and “after” readings in the space you’re treating.  Make sure you’re getting 2,500+ positive and negative ions in the space. If you’re not, contact us for help.
  3. If you decide you won’t need the AIC2 for future projects, just return it within 30 days in good condition for a full credit to your account.
  4. Or if you want to keep it, just pay for it with the rest of your order!

Commissioning ionization projects is no different than any controls or HVAC installation project. You should do it to assure yourself and/or your customers that they are getting the best treatment available on the market. If you need support on how using the meter, just contact our service team. The meters come with instructions, but they may not be as straightforward as those of other measuring devices. Our team is standing by to help you use it properly.

Find Eagle X Pro ionization products at here.

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